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About Us

“I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me”. These are the most inspiring words of Jesus that lead our parents through out their lives. This foundation is formed to continue their efforts, which gives us a great feeling of their presence in our family.

Our father, Erinjeri Joseph Raphael hails from Menachery Erinjeri family. Appan was a self-made business man, renowned in Thrissur for fireworks. He was an active member of Congress Party and the Councilor of Thrissur Municipality in 1962. He was a great leader and his generosity was famous among everyone.Amma used to make fun of him saying that he drifts his priority to people in need over his own family. Appan was very religious and brought us up in faith and fear of God.

Our mother, Ukken George Theresa (Thressia) was born in Kottapadi, a small village near Kunnamkulam. Amma was very good at studies and wanted to continue her education. Unfortunately, she had to come to an agreement to the social norms and got married at the age of 16. Despite the fact of being a teenager, small town girl, she quickly adapted to the new circumstances and became the backbone of our family which now consists of 9 children, 20 Grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. She was a ‘motherly symbol’ in both the families and the neighborhood, with her pleasing personality and charity works. Being a truly kind-hearted person, she cared for the needy even while going through her own hardships. Her self-esteem, strong morals, hardworking and generous nature made her a gem of woman and a role model for all of us.She holds a special place in our lives. The lessons we learned from her, left strong imprints in our life and transformed us into what we are today by the Almighty’s grace.

We have travelled through good and bad times. Being a perfect home maker, Amma held the fort high for the family when Appan was down. Her determination helped us sail through the tough times. We are thankful to God Almighty for the miraculous ways of interventions during the worst situations we had gone through.We believe that it was the virtuous deeds of Appan and Amma that were showered as Lord’s choicest blessing over each member of the family. We are gratified to God to be known as their descendants.

Amma’s first preference for her children was good education, which, she firmly believed, will help them achieve their goals. She was very particular of helping the deserving students as she knew the struggles of educating her children during financial crisis in the family. By God’s grace, she managed the situation and was really proud to see her children settled. In the absence of our dear Appan and Amma, we have decided to initiate this foundation to support the needy,as a continuation of their charitable deeds.Hope this will be the best gift we can give to them. We entrust our small initiative into Lord’s hands and pray for the Almighty’s guidance and protection.